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   Tow Truck Dispatcher is among one of the most reputable recovery companies in the road emergency operations industry – we specialise in collision services and the transportation of broken down vehicles in Wembley and surrounding areas. 

   Industry experts, providing services of car breakdown recovery, jump starting, accident recovery, towing, and a diverse range of others, there should be no other recovery professional to contact than Tow Truck Dispatcher.

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Tow Truck Dispatcher

We offer a reputable and fast response:

  • Here at Tow Truck Dispatcher, we understand first-hand the frustration of finding yourself stranded due to unexpected car difficulties. A car breakdown will never come at a welcomed time; sometimes the site in which you find yourself stuck can be considerably dangerous due to violating traffic rules; sites such as on motorways or on dark, windy country roads. At best, upon your vehicle breaking down you may be late for wherever you need to be – due to this, we make it our utmost responsibility to remedy the situation in a way that is both careful, efficient and effective.


  • Tow Truck Dispatcher operates 24 hours of the day; we respond immediately to client calls to prevent further consequential frustration and potential catastrophes.

We are equipped with an extensively professional team

  • The team here at Tow Truck dispatcher are additionally confident in their ability to alleviate your stress, from the minute of our arrival at the site of vehicle difficulty. Our extensive expertise enables us to assure our customers that their vehicle is in the correct and competent hands – we solely employ professionals in driving, dispatching and mechanics. 


  • Professionalism is among one of the most important attributes to us. Upon deployment, the Tow Truck team will arrive equipped in full uniform, fully insured, displaying company identification – ready to serve excellence to our clients.
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We offer a reasonable rate of service

  • Tow Truck Dispatcher does not capitalize on the crisis of our customers. Our appreciation for the severity of a vehicle situation, and its following consequences, causes us to offer our quality roadside assistance services at a rate that is particularly affordable – we are one of the most inexpensive car towing services in London.


  • Should you wish to enquire further regarding emergency recovery, please do not hesitate to give the Tow Truck Dispatcher team a phone call. It is our utmost responsibility to ensure the

Car Towing Service

Call In the Tow Truck Dispatcher for An Outstanding Car Towing Service

When driving on the highway and the vehicle suddenly stops, the entire situation can be frustrating. Even when one tries to fix the issue by themselves, it will certainly make things a lot worse.

So, the best solution here is to call in the experts from Tow Truck Dispatcher because they have the knowledge of what to do during such situations. We offer our towing services for all types of vehicles, including caravans.

Our covered car transport towing services are one-of-a-kind, and we make sure that our customers receive the service they need in the given time without any delay.

Things to know about our vehicle towing services

Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere due to an unexpected vehicle breakdown is never good news. At times, getting stranded can be dangerous because of traffic rule violations. Here at Tow Truck Dispatcher, we truly understand that frustration.
We will make sure to come to reach our customer’s destinations as quickly as possible and help them get out of the situation they are in. Our European recovery services are efficient, careful and effective at the same time.
We are available 24 hours per day to offer our multi car transport services and will respond to our customers immediately to prevent potential catastrophes and frustration.

Meet the team

When it comes to offering professional towing services, we have a team of highly adept and licensed experts. Our team will assist each of our customers and alleviate their stress from the moment of their arrival at the site.
Due to the team’s extensive expertise enables them to offer a towing service on enclosed car transport without any issues or errors. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is in the right hands.
Furthermore, as leading providers of car transport London, we consider professionalism as a crucial attribute. Our team will arrive at the location fully insured and uniform, displaying the company’s identification.

Call the Experts from Tow Truck Dispatcher Today!

Tow Truck Dispatcher carries a reputation for being one of the leading companies for vehicle recovery. We have helped countless vehicle owners, including people who have caravans and motorbikes. Interested customers can take up our services by calling us or by booking for a free quote.